Commit 395010a7 authored by Jan Koniarik's avatar Jan Koniarik
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regenerated csv

parent 76f76aec
4,18650 battery
8,Cylinder M2x12 screw
33,Cylinder M2x8 screw
4,Cylinder M3x8 screw
4,Cylinder M3x16 screw
4,LX15D servomotor
24,M2 nut
4,SCAD: LX15D_U_body(T24)
......@@ -2,8 +2,9 @@
24,Cylinder M2x12 screw
4,Cylinder M2x6 screw
145,Cylinder M2x8 screw
4,Cylinder M3x16 screw
8,Cylinder M3x5 screw
20,Cylinder M3x8 screw
16,Cylinder M3x8 screw
12,LX15D servomotor
124,M2 nut
4,SCAD: LX15D_BU_body()
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