Commit 1f07ac56 authored by Petr Rockai's avatar Petr Rockai

releng: Fix the regexes that check for failed tests in

parent ab911961
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ failed()
if test -e $list; then
echo "Some tests failed:"
egrep 'failed|timeout' $list | perl -pe 's,([a-z0-9]+):(.*) (.*), $3: [$1] $2,'
egrep '(failed|timeout)$' $list | perl -pe 's,([a-z0-9]+):(.*) (.*), $3: [$1] $2,'
if egrep -q 'warnings|skipped' $list; then warnings; fi
echo "Remaining $(grep -c passed $list) tests passed. Stopping here."
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ fi
(echo "# Test Results"; echo) >> report.txt
rm -f $list
if ! make ${buildtype}-check JOBS=6 || egrep -q 'failed|timeout|unknown' $list; then
if ! make ${buildtype}-check JOBS=6 || egrep -q '(failed|timeout|unknown)$' $list; then
test -e $list && cp report.txt doc/website/
failed >> report.txt
finished 1
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