GitLab Community Edition

GitLab is open source software to collaborate on code.
Manage git repositories with fine-grained access controls that keep your code secure.
Perform code reviews and enhance collaboration with merge requests.
Each project can also have an issue tracker and a wiki.
Used by more than 100,000 organizations, GitLab is the most popular solution to manage git repositories on-premises.
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Informace pro uživatele GitLab na FI

Vizte Technické informace → GitLab repozitář. Výrazně doporučujeme si přečíst a dodržovat pravidla používání.

Rychlé odkazy

Information for GitLab users on FI

See Technical information → GitLab repository. Especially make sure to read and follow the rules of usage.

Quick Links

GitLab Community Edition documentation


University contain guides to learn Git and GitLab through courses and videos.

User documentation

Administrator documentation

Contributor documentation

  • Development All styleguides and explanations how to contribute.
  • Legal Contributor license agreements.