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  13. Nov 03, 2016
    • Vladimír Ulman's avatar
      Modified to compile on Apple/Mac. · 8c18b5ad
      Vladimír Ulman authored
      M    CMakeLists.txt		- searches now also for Apple's .dylibs
      M    src/cellChr.cpp		- on Apple: #include<values.h> -> #include<float.h>
      M    src/scheduler.cpp	- ditto
  14. Apr 22, 2016
  15. Apr 01, 2016
    • David Svoboda's avatar
      Changes in headings of individual files. Removal of some TODOs. · 1d6e5b85
      David Svoboda authored
      M    CMakeLists.txt
      M    src/cell.cpp
      M    src/cell.h
      M    src/cellChr.cpp
      M    src/cellSOFA.cpp
      M    src/cellScm.cpp
      M    src/cell_00_Samplephase.cpp
      M    src/cell_01_Prophase.cpp
      M    src/cell_02_Metaphase.cpp
      M    src/cell_03_Anaphase.cpp
      M    src/cell_04_Telophase.cpp
      M    src/cell_05_Cytokinesis.cpp
      M    src/cell_06_G1Phase.cpp
      M    src/cell_07_SPhase.cpp
      M    src/cell_08_G2Phase.cpp
      M    src/dots.cpp
      M    src/dots.h
      M    src/macros.h
      M    src/main.cpp
      M    src/molecule.cpp
      M    src/molecule.h
      M    src/scheduler.cpp
      M    src/scheduler.h
      M    src/settings.h
      M    src/toolbox/bp_lists.h
      M    src/toolbox/cell_movement.h
      M    src/toolbox/collisions.cpp
      M    src/toolbox/collisions.h
      M    src/toolbox/deformations.cpp
      M    src/toolbox/deformations.h
      M    src/toolbox/finalpreview.cpp
      M    src/toolbox/finalpreview.h
      M    src/toolbox/flowfields.h
      A    src/toolbox/hungarian/README
      M    src/toolbox/importexport.h
      M    src/toolbox/perlin.h
      M    src/toolbox/rnd_generators.cpp
      M    src/toolbox/rnd_generators.h
      M    src/toolbox/shape_rendering.cpp
      M    src/toolbox/shape_rendering.h
      M    src/toolbox/user_abort.cpp
      M    src/toolbox/user_abort.h
      M    src/types.h
  16. Nov 18, 2015
    • Vladimír Ulman's avatar
      Added displacement distribution handling, a process similar to turning angles distribution. · efa2d706
      Vladimír Ulman authored
      It is intentionally called a displacement, instead of velocity, to stress the fact
      that the class does not deal with time variable at all.
      Added one more state handling of a real number generator (because of the disp. distro).
      Added UseCorrectedUniformDistribution() for the turning angle distribution which
      actually creates not uniform distribution, but after drawing random samples from it,
      the produced distribution is some-what nearly uniform (quite unlike from the one
      produced with UseUniformDistribution()).
      Added RandomWalk::ReadyToStartSimulation() indicator for those who are not sure...
      M    toolbox/randWalk.h
      Adjusted to provide similar trajectory data as the real example.
      M    toolbox/
  17. Nov 13, 2015
  18. Nov 09, 2015
  19. Jul 29, 2015