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Add ndcg parameter to scripts.common.get_random_normalized_ndcg

parent 15faa1af
......@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@ Here is the documentation of the available evaluation functions:
- [`get_topics(task, subset=None)`][get_topics],
- [`get_judged_documents(task, subset=None, topic=None)`][get_judged_documents],
- [`get_random_ndcg(task, subset, topn=1000)`][get_random_ndcg],
- [`get_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn=1000)`][get_ndcg], and
- [`get_random_normalized_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn=1000)`][get_random_normalized_ndcg].
- [`get_random_ndcg(task, subset, topn)`][get_random_ndcg],
- [`get_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn)`][get_ndcg], and
- [`get_random_normalized_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn, ndcg)`][get_random_normalized_ndcg].
#### Using the `validation` set to compare various parameters of your system
......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ def get_random_ndcg(task, subset, topn=1000):
return np.mean(random_ndcgs)
def get_random_normalized_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn=1000):
def get_random_normalized_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn=1000, ndcg=None):
"""Returns the random-normalized NDCG' of a system's run on a subset of a task.
NDCG' is the same as NDCG (Normalized Discounted Cumulative Gain), but all
......@@ -193,6 +193,9 @@ def get_random_normalized_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn=1000):
topn : int, optional
The top N results, which will be considered in computing the NDCG.
Default is 1000.
ndcg : float or None, optional
The NDCG' to random-normalize. If not None, the parsed_run parameter
will be ignored. Default is None.
......@@ -200,7 +203,8 @@ def get_random_normalized_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn=1000):
The random-normalized NDCG' of the system's run on the subset of the task.
ndcg = get_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn)
if ndcg is None:
ndcg = get_ndcg(parsed_run, task, subset, topn)
random_ndcg = get_random_ndcg(task, subset, topn)
random_normalized_ndcg = (ndcg - random_ndcg) / (1.0 - random_ndcg)
return random_normalized_ndcg
......@@ -5,6 +5,18 @@ from arqmath_eval import get_random_ndcg, get_random_normalized_ndcg
class TestGetRandomNormalizedNDCG(unittest.TestCase):
def test_hand_picked(self):
parsed_run = {}
random_ndcg = get_random_ndcg('task1', 'test')
random_normalized_ndcg = get_random_normalized_ndcg(parsed_run, 'task1', 'test', ndcg=1.0)
expected_random_normalized_ndcg = 1.0
self.assertEqual(expected_random_normalized_ndcg, random_normalized_ndcg)
random_normalized_ndcg = get_random_normalized_ndcg(parsed_run, 'task1', 'test', ndcg=random_ndcg)
expected_random_normalized_ndcg = 0.0
self.assertEqual(expected_random_normalized_ndcg, random_normalized_ndcg)
def test_best(self):
parsed_run = {
'A.78': {
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