Commit 9f4bb349 authored by Daniel Puchala's avatar Daniel Puchala
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feat: added text to login/logout icon

parent 5e4c7e4a
......@@ -17,11 +17,13 @@ export const Header = () => {
<p className="text-2xl">PA165 Movie Recommender Catalogue</p>
{user === null ?
<Link to="/pa165/login" className="ml-auto h-[50%] px-4">
<Link to="/pa165/login" className="ml-auto flex h-[50%] px-4 gap-2">
<span className="self-center">Login</span>
<img className="h-full" src={Login} alt="Login"/>
<button className="ml-auto h-[50%] px-4" onClick={onClick}>
<button className="flex ml-auto h-[50%] px-4 gap-2" onClick={onClick}>
<span className="self-center">Logout</span>
<img className="h-full" src={Logout} alt="Login"/>
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