Commit 086ca1b3 authored by Daniel Puchala's avatar Daniel Puchala
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feat: movie component tweaks

parent 6ceadd85
......@@ -65,11 +65,17 @@ export const Movie = () => {
<div className="flex flex-col p-4">
<p className="text-2xl font-bold">{}</p>
<p ><b>Genres:</b> { any) => `${genre}, `)}</p>
<p ><b>Genres: </b>
{movie.genres.slice(0, -1).map((genre: any) => `${genre}, `)}
{movie.genres.slice(-1).map(((genre: any) => `${genre}`))}
<p><b>Duration: </b>{formatDuration(movie.duration)}</p>
<p className="mt-auto"><b>Duration:</b> {formatDuration(movie.duration)}</p>
<p className="text-xl"><b>Director:</b> {}</p>
<p className="text-xl"><b>Director:</b> { any) => `${}, `)}</p>
<p className="text-xl mt-auto"><b>Director: </b>{}</p>
<p className="text-xl"><b>Actors: </b>
{movie.actors.slice(0, -1).map((actor: any) => `${}, `)}
{movie.actors.slice(-1).map((actor: any) => `${}`)}
<button className="w-max p-4 self-center bg-blue-600 border-2 rounded-3xl border-slate-900"
{showReviews ? 'Show recommended movies' : 'Show reviews'}
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