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#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding=utf-8 (pep 0263)
from linked_lists import LinkedList, Cons, Nil
from best_search import best_search
biggest = 99
start = (LinkedList([("t1", 4), ("t2", 2), ("t3", 2), ("t4", 20),
("t5", 20), ("t6", 11), ("t7", 11)]),
LinkedList([("idle", 0), ("idle", 0), ("idle", 0)]), 0)
precedence = dict(
t1=["t4", "t5"],
t2=["t4", "t5"],
t3=["t5", "t6", "t7"])
def goes_before(T1, T2):
if T1 in precedence:
if T2 in precedence[T1]:
return True
for T in precedence[T1]:
if goes_before(T, T2):
return True
return False
def is_goal(state):
waiting, _, _ = state
return waiting == Nil
def move_anyYC(state):
tasks1, active, fin1 = state
_, f = active.head
active1 = active.tail
for (task, d), tasks2 in del1_anyX(tasks1):
permissible = True
for t, _ in member_anyX(tasks2):
if goes_before(t, task):
permissible = False
for t1, f1 in member_anyX(active1):
if f < f1 and goes_before(t1, task):
permissible = False
if not permissible:
active2, fin2 = insert((task, f+d), active1, fin1)
cost = fin2 - fin1
yield ((tasks2, active2, fin2), cost)
for active3 in insert_idle(f, active1):
yield ((tasks1, active3, fin1), 0)
def insert(task, active, f1):
s, a = task
if active == Nil:
return (Cons((s, a), Nil), a)
t, b = active.head
l = active.tail
if a <= b:
return (Cons((s, a), active), f1)
l1, f2 = insert((s, a), l, f1)
return (Cons((t, b), l1), f2)
def insert_idle(a, active):
if active == Nil:
t, b = active.head
l = active.tail
if a < b:
yield Cons(("idle", b), active)
for l1 in insert_idle(a, l):
yield Cons((t, b), l1)
def h(state):
waiting, active, fin = state
waiting_time = 0
for _, execution_time in waiting:
waiting_time = waiting_time + execution_time
active_time = 0
cpu_number = 0
for _, finishing_time in active:
active_time = active_time + finishing_time
cpu_number = cpu_number + 1
finall = (waiting_time + active_time) / cpu_number
return max(finall - fin, 0)
def del1_anyX(ys):
if ys == Nil:
yield (ys.head, ys.tail)
for (z, zs) in del1_anyX(ys.tail):
yield (z, Cons(ys.head, zs))
def member_anyX(xs):
if xs == Nil:
yield xs.head
for x in member_anyX(xs.tail):
yield x
def writelist(xs):
writelist_(xs, 1)
def writelist_(xs, i):
if xs != Nil:
print("%d: %s" % (i, xs.head))
writelist_(xs.tail, i+1)
# demonstracni vypis
if __name__ == "__main__":
print("Rozvrh prace procesoru, algoritmus A*\n")
print("Pocatecni stav: %s" % (start,))
print("\nNalezene reseni:")
solution, searched, cost_ = next(best_search(start, biggest, is_goal, move_anyYC, h))
print("Prohledano %d stavu, vysledne reseni ma cenu %d." % (searched, cost_))
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