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% nacteni:
/* ['']. */
stree(Graph,Tree) :- member(Edge,Graph),spread([Edge],Tree,Graph).
spread(Tree1,Tree,Graph) :- addedge(Tree1,Tree2,Graph),spread(Tree2,Tree,Graph).
spread(Tree,Tree,Graph) :- \+ addedge(Tree,_,Graph).
addedge(Tree,[A-B|Tree],Graph) :- adjacent(A,B,Graph),node(A,Tree), \+ node(B,Tree).
adjacent(A,B,Graph) :- member(A-B,Graph);member(B-A,Graph).
node(A,Graph) :- adjacent(A,_,Graph), !. % bez rezu cil uspeje az deg(G)-krat, coz nam potom generuje identicke kostry.
% demonstracni vypis
% abychom se vyhli varovanim "Redefined static procedure ..."
:- dynamic
call(Goal),write(' '),write(Name),write(' = '),write(X),nl,fail.
write('Kostra grafu'),nl,
write('Volani "stree([a-b,b-c,b-d,c-d],T)" vrati:'),nl,
write_all_X(stree([a-b,b-c,b-d,c-d],T), T, 'T').
:- retractall(write_all_X/3).
:- retractall(start/0).
#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding=utf-8 (pep 0263)
from linked_lists import LinkedList, Cons, Nil
def stree(graph):
for edge in member_anyX(graph):
for kostra in spread(LinkedList(edge), graph):
yield kostra
def spread(akumulator_kostry, graph):
for akumulator_kostry1 in addedge(akumulator_kostry, graph):
for kostra in spread(akumulator_kostry1, graph):
yield kostra
next(addedge(akumulator_kostry, graph))
except StopIteration: # nelze pridat hranu
yield akumulator_kostry
def addedge(akumulator_kostry, graph):
for x, y in adjacent_anyXY(graph):
if node(x, akumulator_kostry) and not node(y, akumulator_kostry):
yield Cons((x, y), akumulator_kostry)
def adjacent_anyY(x, edges):
for a, b in member_anyX(edges):
if x == a:
yield b
if x == b:
yield a
def adjacent_anyXY(edges):
for a, b in member_anyX(edges):
yield (a, b)
yield (b, a)
def node(x, graph):
next(adjacent_anyY(x, graph))
return True
except StopIteration:
return False
def member(x, xs):
if xs == Nil:
return False
if x == xs.head:
return True
return member(x, xs.tail)
def member_anyX(xs):
if xs == Nil:
yield xs.head
for x in member_anyX(xs.tail):
yield x
# demonstracni vypis
if __name__ == "__main__":
print('Kostra grafu')
print('Volani stree(LinkedList(("a", "b"), ("b", "c"), ("b", "d"), ("c", "d"))) vrati:')
for kostra_ in stree(LinkedList(("a", "b"), ("b", "c"), ("b", "d"), ("c", "d"))):
print(' %s' % kostra_)
Kostra grafu
Volani stree(LinkedList(("a", "b"), ("b", "c"), ("b", "d"), ("c", "d"))) vrati:
[('b', 'd'), ('b', 'c'), ('a', 'b')]
[('c', 'd'), ('b', 'c'), ('a', 'b')]
[('b', 'c'), ('b', 'd'), ('a', 'b')]
[('d', 'c'), ('b', 'd'), ('a', 'b')]
[('b', 'd'), ('b', 'a'), ('b', 'c')]
[('c', 'd'), ('b', 'a'), ('b', 'c')]
[('b', 'a'), ('b', 'd'), ('b', 'c')]
[('b', 'a'), ('c', 'd'), ('b', 'c')]
[('b', 'c'), ('b', 'a'), ('b', 'd')]
[('d', 'c'), ('b', 'a'), ('b', 'd')]
[('b', 'a'), ('b', 'c'), ('b', 'd')]
[('b', 'a'), ('d', 'c'), ('b', 'd')]
[('b', 'a'), ('c', 'b'), ('c', 'd')]
[('b', 'a'), ('d', 'b'), ('c', 'd')]
......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ pylint2:
# pylint2 test
@if ! REPORT="$$(pylint $(PYLINT2_OPTIONS) *.py 2>&1)"; then \
printf "%s\n" "$$REPORT"; \
exit 1; \
# pylint2 test ok
......@@ -47,5 +48,6 @@ pylint3:
# pylint3 test
@if ! REPORT="$$(pylint3 $(PYLINT3_OPTIONS) *.py 2>&1)"; then \
printf "%s\n" "$$REPORT"; \
exit 1; \
# pylint3 test ok
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