Verified Commit 1659d391 authored by Adam Matoušek's avatar Adam Matoušek
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hide the theme selector using CSS rather than ‹hidden›

parent 95dafa39
......@@ -30,5 +30,5 @@ if ( tsel ) {
document.firstElementChild.dataset.theme = t;
tsel.hidden = false; = null;
<nav id=theme-selector hidden>
<nav id=theme-selector style='visibility:hidden'>
<button tabindex=0 data-theme=auto title='Motiv dle systému'></button>
<button tabindex=0 data-theme=light title='Světlý'></button>
<button tabindex=0 data-theme=dark title='Tmavý'></button>
<button tabindex=0 data-theme=mixed title='Smíšený'></button>
<nav id=category-archives>
[%- INCLUDE archive a=categories %]
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