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GitLab::API - lightweight GitLab API client.
`GitLab::API` - lightweight GitLab API client.
Also implements **Session** API to obtain authentication token if needed.
Other modules are needed for additional methods.
......@@ -12,17 +12,26 @@ See [GitLab API]( for details.
use GitLab::API;
use GitLab::Users;
use GitLab::Groups;
use GitLab::Projects;
my $gitlab = GitLab::API->new(AuthToken => $token);
# simple result
my $groups = $gitlab->groups(search => "awesome-group");
die("Failed to get groups") unless defined $groups;
# result with response
my ($users, $response) = $gitlab->users(-response => 1);
die("Request failed: " . $response->message) unless $response->is_success;
# do something with users or groups
# iterator for paginated responses
my $projects = $gitlab->projects(-iterator => 1);
while (my $project = $projects->next) {
# ...
......@@ -76,7 +85,7 @@ die("Request failed: " . $response->message) unless $response->is_success;
- `whoami()`
Returns the user whose authentication key is used for the request (or impersonated user if [`sudo`](#sudo) is in effect).
See ["REQUEST METHODS"](#request-methods) below.
See [REQUEST METHODS](#request-methods) below.
- `is_admin()`
......@@ -185,10 +194,20 @@ The following methods are intended to be called from additional methods implemen
- `-page => N`
When used with paginated requests, returns only entries from the given page.
The number of entities in each page is always _100_ except (of course) the last one.
The number of entities in each page is by default _50_ except (of course) the last one.
It is possible to change the default page size with the `-per_page` option.
The API returns an empty response for invalid page numbers.
The method carps if used with a template without `$tmpl->{paginated}` attribute.
The method _croaks_ if used with a template without `$tmpl->{paginated}` attribute or if combined with `-iterator`.
- `-per_page => N`
Change the page size for `-page` or `-iterator` options.
The maximum allowed value by GitLab is currently `100`.
- `-iterator`
When non-zero, return an instance of [`GitLab::API::Iterator`]( that will sequentially request pages when needed.
# Package methods
......@@ -398,4 +417,4 @@ Roman Lacko <[``](>
- [GitLab](
Wrapper around `GitLab::API`
Wrapper around `GitLab::API`.
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