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# Semantic BMS
Welcome to the Semantic BMS framework project site.
The SemanticBMS project aims to provide semantic information for building
information data. More details about the topic can be found in following paper:
The Source files in this repository are proof-of-concept implementations of following
components of the middleware layer:
* **SemanticBMSServer** - SemanticAPI & Ontology repository
* **SemanticBMSClient** - Client for querying the Semantic API
The project is developed and by maintained by Lasaris lab at Faculty of
Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.
The main developer is Adam Kučera. Contact: ****
ResearchGate profile:
## HowTo
For the Semantic BMS server, you have to change the paths in .properties files.
Detailed tutorial will follow.
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