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## HowTo
In order to run the Semantic BMS server, you have to change the paths in .properties files.
SemanticBMSServer is Maven project for Eclipse that can be executed using Maven Build with Goal set to exec:java
## How To
To deploy the application in Apache Tomcat container (tested for Tomcat 9):
* Set up the SemanticAPI to use your TDB (sample data can be created using the scripts in the testBench project)
* Update the tdb.path property in the file
* Build the SemanticAPI/DataAccessAPI project using maven:
mvn install
mvn war:exploded
* Create a directory named sbms in the webapps folder of your tomcat installation (e.g. C:\apache-tomcat-9.0.0.M19\webapps)
* Copy the resulting build (located in <Your git repositoty>\semanticBMS\SemanticAPI\target\SemanticAPI-1.0 for the SemanticAPI)
into the new directory directory (e.g. C:\apache-tomcat-9.0.0.M19\webapps\sbms) - the WEB-INF amnd META-INF folders
are meant to be placed directly in the sbms directory (and merged from both projects)
* Check the ont-policy.rdf file and update paths to the local ontology definitions if needed (both in the source project and in the Tomcat deployment)
* Run the Apache Tomcat
* The APIs are available at http://localhost:8080/sbms/semantics and http://localhost:8080/sbms/data
* To test the Semantic API, visit http://localhost:8080/sbms/semantics/types/type or ren the performance tests.
Note: For simple testing, SemanticBMSServer can be used. However, this is discouraged option.
SemanticBMSServer is a legacy Maven project for Eclipse that can be executed using Maven Build with Goal set to exec:java.
Additional configuration is required in the, as well as in the SemanticClient scripts.js file.
(the project is based on Jersey tutorial that can be found here:
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