Commit 6b0c2030 authored by Jan Koniarik's avatar Jan Koniarik
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fixed includes

parent 237b2bed
(fp_lib_table (fp_lib_table
(lib (name tile)(type KiCad)(uri /home/veverak/Projects/Tile/pcb/tile.pretty)(options "")(descr "")) (lib (name tile)(type KiCad)(uri ${KIPRJMOD}/../tile.pretty)(options "")(descr ""))
) )
(sym_lib_table (sym_lib_table
(lib (name base2.0spec)(type Legacy)(uri ${KIPRJMOD}/base2.0spec.lib)(options "")(descr "")) (lib (name base2.0spec)(type Legacy)(uri ${KIPRJMOD}/base2.0spec.lib)(options "")(descr ""))
(lib (name tile)(type Legacy)(uri /home/veverak/Projects/Tile/pcb/tile.lib)(options "")(descr "")) (lib (name tile)(type Legacy)(uri ${KIPRJMOD}/../tile.lib)(options "")(descr ""))
) )
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