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import System.Environment
type Buzzword = (Integer, String)
buzzwords :: [Buzzword]
buzzwords = [(3, "Fizz"), (5, "Buzz")]
fizzbuzz :: [Either String Integer]
fizzbuzz = fizzeval `map` [1 ..]
fizzeval :: Integer -> Either String Integer
fizzeval x = if null str then Right int else Left str
where (int, str) = foldl fizztest (x, "") buzzwords
fizztest :: Buzzword -> Buzzword -> Buzzword
fizztest (x, xstr) (y, ystr) = if y `divides` x then (x, xstr ++ ystr) else (x, xstr)
divides :: Integer -> Integer -> Bool
y `divides` x = x `mod` y == 0
-- This place is not a place of honor... no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here...
-- nothing valued is here. What is here is dangerous and repulsive to us.
-- This message is a warning about the IO Monad.
-- The Monad is in a particular location...
-- it increases toward the main... the center of danger is here...
-- of a particular size and shape, and below us.
say :: Either String Integer -> IO ()
say (Right x) = print x
say (Left x) = putStrLn x
sayNum :: Maybe Int -> IO ()
sayNum Nothing = say `foldMap` fizzbuzz
sayNum (Just n) = say `foldMap` (take n fizzbuzz)
parseArgs :: [String] -> IO (Maybe Int)
parseArgs args =
if null args then pure Nothing else pure int
where int = if null parsed || (not $ null $ snd $ head parsed)
then Nothing
else Just $ fst $ head parsed
where parsed = reads $ head args :: [(Int, String)]
main :: IO ()
main = getArgs >>= parseArgs >>= sayNum
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