1. 18 May, 2021 1 commit
  2. 13 May, 2021 5 commits
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      1.7.4k (Logger + refactoring) · 34c7bbae
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ AppConfig class deleted with all its usage (as conditions, blocks inside its IFs was not deleted)
      ++ imports optimized
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      1.7.4j (Logger) · 9c08f181
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ newline characters were removed from logging calls
      ++ "about" page edited
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.4i (Logger) · f4e1cb98
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: Wrong classes were used in Logger.getLogger(...) calls.
      ++ log messages adjusted ( explicit time removed, explicit class name removed - since these data are provided by logger automatically)
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      1.7.4h (Acknowledgements) · 664e06d7
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ Acknowledgements updated in "About" page
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      1.7.4g (Logger) · 4c3496c1
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ all println were replaced by log.debug(...) or log.error(...)
      ++ unused files deleted
  3. 12 May, 2021 5 commits
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      1.7.4f (CSS, About page) · d28ff817
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ minor CSS adjustments (background and dimensions+padding)
      ++ "About" page updated (acknowledgments and parameters description)
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      1.7.4e (credits, tomcat-config) · 9d777358
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ added credits to "About" page
      ++ added new class with TomcatConfig parameters
      ++ spring-boot-starter-part version updated (from 2.4.2 to 2.4.5)
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      1.7.4d (refactoring) · 5f23a40c
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ SimbadSearchEngine class refactored
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      1.7.4c (Vizier query fix) · 8cc507b6
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: VizierSearchEngine was using CDSCrossmatchRequestObject for all the queries. This caused that only empty responses were obtained for queries by ID or coordinates. Queries by ID or coordinates now use VizierRequestObject.
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      1.7.4b (Documentation) · b59b8520
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ Documentation reformatted
      ++ new documentation added (where it was missing)
  4. 09 May, 2021 1 commit
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      1.7.4 (Async-queries and new validation) · df4840ba
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ Functionality for support of asynchronous queries
      ++ fileValidation added (FileValidator class)
      ++ radius, pagesize, and page inputs are now required (thus no exception caused by failed conversion from String to Double happens anymore - which was caused by empty input)
  5. 08 May, 2021 3 commits
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      1.7.3c (Search form validation) · 48e24e3e
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ input types added to several <input> tags in index.html form (for validation) - now only numbers are possible to enter into radius, page, and pagesize inputs
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      1.7.3b (Search form validation) · abe3319d
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ new validations added to SearchFormInput class
      ++ new limits for thse validation crated in Limits class
      ++ new validation messages created in ValidationMSG class
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.3 (Queries per second limits - rework) · e53e3f3a
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: previous solution would not work for queries with different time complexity, if they would be executed one-by-one, however ended in the same moment. Then, too many queries for second service would be executed at the same time and the limit would be exceeded.
      ++ timeQuantumUsed flag deleted from SearchEngine and created in every other primary SearchEngine (Mast, Simbad, Vizier)
      ++ getters, setter created for timeQuantumUsed
      ++ added @Schedule methods that sets timeQuantumUsed to false for corresponding search engine and notifying general SearchEngine class
      ++ Now, SearchEngine iterates in an endless WHILE until all the services required were queried, however, it checks whether the service is available in a current time window of its own (timeQuantumUsed). At the end of iteration, if there is something more to do, wait() is used (waits for notification from @Schedule methods), otherwise - break from while and ResponseData is returned.
      ++ Limits for queries per second for each of the services can be set in Limits class
  6. 07 May, 2021 2 commits
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      1.7.2c (MastSearchEngine) · 46cdc5e2
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ MASTSearchEngine methods changed to return MastResponse instance instead of ResponseForReqByPos (Basically, ResponseForReqByPos was converted into MastResponse in SearchEngine class before, now it has been moved one level above - into MASTSearchEngine)
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      1.7.2b (refactoring) · fd62c0c0
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      -- unused ErrorController removed
      -- several unused class fields and variables removed
      -- out-commented blocks of code removed
      ++ DEGUB flags moved to a new class (AppConfig)
      ++ testing.html renamed to correct one (results.html)
      ++ old results.html (containing fragments) renamed to results-data.html
  7. 06 May, 2021 2 commits
  8. 04 May, 2021 1 commit
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      1.7.0p (Bootstrap) · 7969657d
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: tabs in results were not working properly ( all of them were highlighted, instead of active one only )
  9. 29 Apr, 2021 12 commits
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      1.7.0o (Bootstrap) · 953bba1e
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: top-left cell in table was not sticky on both left and top side (created new .sticky-lt class)
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.0n (Bootstrap) · 87571333
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ sticky first column in table (row number) + sticky left column in fluxes table (filter)
      ++ CSS file re-ordered and refactored
      ++ testing.html CSS-refactored
      ++ vertical padding decreased for medium+ screen devices in resul tables
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      1.7.0m (Bootstrap) · a819085a
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ responsive table heads in results
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.0l (Bootstrap) · 4b540164
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ responsive result tables (fonts, paddings)
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      1.7.0k (Bootstrap) · 1a5aad20
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ more responsive paddings added to navigation
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      1.7.0j (Bootstrap) · f5b94917
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: black 1/3-transparent background moved from index.html to fragments.html so the navigation on all the pages has it)
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.0i (Bootstrap) · 27d5f5da
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: responsive font-size moved from index.html to fragments.html to be same for navigation on all the pages
      ++ small y-axis padding added for nav-items
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.0h (Bootstrap) · a2e60510
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: index.html page reworked to flex, so the centering of the search form will be easier (without absolute position, which caused nav-links to be useless)
      ++ responsive font size used for navigation and form
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.0g (Bootstrap) · e0093ec6
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ responsive gutters (spacing between columns in container) was set in search form
      ++ responsive column widths were set for search form
      ++ responsive padding was adjusted for the first row of Simbad-ID results container
      ++ fix: responsive padding was set for the second row  of Simbad-ID results container
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.0f (Bootstrap) · 8f144b9d
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ overflow-auto was set in Indentifiers results
      ++ responsive paddings and margins set in About page
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      1.7.0e (Bootstrap) · 3423081e
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ responsive paddings set for Identifiers results
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.7.0d (Bootstrap) · c210f462
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ overflows in Simbad-ID results fixed (now scrollable)
      ++ search form centered with absolute position+top+left
      ++ responsive paddings set for Simbad-ID results
  10. 28 Apr, 2021 3 commits
  11. 21 Apr, 2021 1 commit
  12. 18 Apr, 2021 3 commits
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      1.6.3 (javadoc and comments) · 2b764b35
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ fix: Simbad now correctly displays number of results obtained
      ++ javadoc and comments written for most of the classes
      ++ unused fragments of code deleted
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.6.2 (errors) · 94ed1080
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ created default error.html page to display error code and message
      ++ styles created for error page
      ++ few styles have been split into more styles
      ++ few other html files edited - class tag now contains more style classes if previous class was split
    • Ľuboslav Halama's avatar
      1.6.1 (cds) · 46a99290
      Ľuboslav Halama authored
      ++ minor refactoring - exact values extracted to Constants classes
      ++ rearranging of pacakges
      ++ XMatch now uses inputStream from uploaded file instead of creating another temporary file
      ++ Simbad-coord fragment div fixed: result table now has limited height and the rest of it can be displayed by scrolling
  13. 14 Apr, 2021 1 commit