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# PV260 Project
Using .NET 6 and NUnit for testing.
## How to run project
Our project has cmd interface which can be used with arguments.
By using --help the help output is printed. this outputs:
At least one option from group 'output' (c, console, s, slack) is required.
-o, --old Required. Input old stock file path.
-n, --new Required. Input new stock file path.
-c, --console (Group: output) Send output to console
-s, --slack (Group: output) Send output to inserted slack uri
--help Display this help screen.
--version Display version information.
## Examples of running project
Examples can be run thanks to our launchSettings profiles or manully.
We have test data in our folder so project can be run on those data.
Example arguments for propper use with console
```-o .\..\..\..\..\Data\march.csv -n .\..\..\..\..\Data\april.csv -c```
or slack
```-o .\..\..\..\..\Data\march.csv -n .\..\..\..\..\Data\april.csv -s```
We also include some inproper usage where path or file name doesnt exist
wrong path:
-o .\..\..\..\..\Daa\march.csv -n .\..\..\..\..\Data\april.csv -c
-o .\..\..\..\..\Data\march.csv -n .\..\..\..\..\Daa\april.csv -c
-o .\..\..\..\..\Dta\march.csv -n .\..\..\..\..\Data\april.csv -s
wrong file:
-o .\..\..\..\..\Data\march.csv -n .\..\..\..\..\Data\apil.csv -c
-o .\..\..\..\..\Data\mach.csv -n .\..\..\..\..\Data\april.csv -c
-o .\..\..\..\..\Data\mach.csv -n .\..\..\..\..\Data\april.csv -s
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