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# Table of Contents
1. [FI printers via Samba](#org746f625)
1. [Advantages](#orgf4392e4)
2. [Disadvantages](#orgcb9b557)
3. [Pre-requirements](#org3e0a2f0)
1. [Warning](#org3500a46)
4. [Usage](#org43e57fc)
1. [Available printers](#org0c221ba)
5. [Repository structure](#orgb51f681)
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# FI printers via Samba
Script for installing faculty printers on Linux via Samba print server.
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## Advantages
- You can print on WiFi using Samba. (With unauthenticated IPP printing you are allowed to only print via Ethernet cable.)
- You can add a FI printer to your existing CUPS instance. This way, you don&rsquo;t have to switch configurations.
- You don&rsquo;t need to have the same login on your computer as your faculty login.
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## Disadvantages
- Printers have to be installed one by one.
- This is not the prefered way of printing on fi. (Prefered way is via Kerberos.)
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## Pre-requirements
- root access (or sudo)
- running local [CUPS]( print server
- Samba client (`smbclient`)
- Python2 for `copy4a` and `copy5b`
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### Warning
If you are printing with unauthenticated IPP or Kerberized IPP, you will have to remove client configuration file for CUPS, which is located at `/etc/cups/client.conf`.
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## Usage
Usage: `./ <printer-name>` , where `<printer-name>` is a valid printer name.
For example, to install printer `lj2b` run
./ lj2b
After running the script, you will be prompted for you faculty login(username and password).
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### Available printers
Currently available printers:
- copy2a
- copy3a
- copy4a
- copy4b
- copy4c
- copy5b
- copy5c
- lj2a
- lj2b
- lj3a
- lj-a302
- lj3b
- lj4a
- lj4c
- lj4p
- lj5c
You can find out more information on <>.
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## Repository structure
<table border="2" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="6" rules="groups" frame="hsides">
<col class="org-left" />
<col class="org-left" />
<th scope="col" class="org-left">File</th>
<th scope="col" class="org-left">Description</th>
<td class="org-left"><code></code></td>
<td class="org-left">main install script</td>
<td class="org-left"><code>filters</code></td>
<td class="org-left">folder with filters for CUPS</td>
<td class="org-left"><code>ppds</code></td>
<td class="org-left">folder with PPDs for CUPS</td>
<td class="org-left"><code>PyPDF2</code> and <code>reportlab</code></td>
<td class="org-left">folder with Python 2 dependencies for <code>TA5007ci</code></td>
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