Commit 5b7baf25 authored by Tomáš Szaniszlo's avatar Tomáš Szaniszlo Committed by Tomáš Szaniszlo
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install: a bit more consistency for the messages

parent cfd7db05
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ sub update_ppd {
if ($? != 0) {
die "[ERROR] Could not update the ppd via lpadmin";
die "[ERROR] Could not update the PPD via lpadmin";
......@@ -301,12 +301,12 @@ sub check_cron {
chomp(my $answer = <STDIN>);
if ($answer eq 'Y' || $answer eq 'y' || $answer eq '') {
print "[INFO] Installing cron.\n";
say "[INFO] Installing cron...";
copy("$RealBin/", "/etc/cron.weekly/fi_printers_cron")
or die "[ERROR] Could not copy cron script\n";
chmod 0700, "/etc/cron.weekly/fi_printers_cron";
say "[INFO] Cron installed";
say "[INFO] Cron installed.";
} else {
say "[INFO] Cron is already installed.";
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