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Fixed logging and logging loading

parent 273fc1c0
......@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@ Main application module
- Creates instance of the flask app named app
- registers commands
from portal.logger import Logging
import click
from flask import Flask
......@@ -20,6 +23,7 @@ courses_cli = AppGroup('courses', help='Courses management')
devel_cli = AppGroup('devel', help='Development management')
submissions_cli = AppGroup('submissions', help='Submissions management')
projects_cli = AppGroup('projects', help='Projects management')
cfg_cli = AppGroup('cfg', help='Configuration management')
app: Flask = create_app()
......@@ -35,7 +39,15 @@ manager = DataManagement(app, db)
celery = portal.get_celery(app)
@devel_cli.command('run', help='Runs the devel server with initializes db')
@cfg_cli.command('env', help='Print flask configuration')
def cli_print_cfg(ctx):"[CFG] Configuration:")
for (key, val) in app.config.items():
print(f"{key}: {val}")
@devel_cli.command('run', help='Runs the devel server with iniializes db')
@click.option('-p', '--port', default=8000)
def cli_run_devel(ctx, port):
......@@ -5,18 +5,17 @@ Main Portal module
import os
from typing import Union
from authlib.flask.client import OAuth
from celery import Celery
from flask import Flask
from flask_cors import CORS
from flask_jwt_extended import JWTManager
from flask_migrate import Migrate
from authlib.flask.client import OAuth
from flask_sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemy
from import Storage
from portal import logger, rest
from portal.config import CONFIGURATIONS
from portal.logger import Logging
from import Storage
from import GitlabFactory
from import IsApiFactory
from import LDAPWrapper
......@@ -123,7 +122,6 @@ def create_app(environment: str = None):
app = Flask('portal')
# app configuration
configure_app(app, env=environment)
......@@ -105,6 +105,7 @@ class SubmissionProcessor:
except Exception as ex:
log.error(f"[PROC] Storage submission download aborted due error: {ex}")
self.abort_submission('Unable to download a submission')
return None
def revoke_task(self):
......@@ -3,34 +3,29 @@ Logging configuration module
import logging
import os
from logging.config import dictConfig
import flask
from import paths
class Logging:
def __init__(self, app: flask.Flask = None):
self._app = app
def __init__(self, global_level: str = None, file_level=None, console_level=None):
self._global_level = global_level or os.getenv('LOG_LEVEL_GLOBAL')
self._file_level = file_level or os.getenv('LOG_LEVEL_FILE', self._global_level)
self._console_level = console_level or os.getenv('LOG_LEVEL_CONSOLE', self._global_level)
def global_log_level(self):
if not self._app:
return 'INFO'
return self._app.config.get('LOG_LEVEL_GLOBAL', 'INFO')
return self._global_level
def file_log_level(self):
if not self._app:
return 'INFO'
return self._app.config.get('LOG_LEVEL_FILE', self.global_log_level)
return self._file_level
def console_log_level(self):
if not self._app:
return 'INFO'
return self._app.config.get('LOG_LEVEL_CONSOLE', self.global_log_level)
return self._console_level
def handlers(self):
......@@ -40,7 +35,6 @@ class Logging:
'flask_file': self.get_logger_file('flask'),
'access_file': self.get_logger_file('access'),
'auth_file': self.get_logger_file('auth'),
'storage_file': self.get_logger_file('storage'),
'login_file': self.get_logger_file('login'),
'submit_file': self.get_logger_file('submit'),
'files_access_file': self.get_logger_file('files_access'),
......@@ -103,20 +97,21 @@ class Logging:
'werkzeug': {
'handlers': ['console'], 'level': self.global_log_level, 'propagate': True
'': {
'handlers': ['console', 'storage_file'], 'level': self.global_log_level,
'propagate': True
'git': {
'handlers': ['console'], 'level': self.global_log_level, 'propagate': True
def config(self):
loggers = self.loggers
return {
'version': 1,
'disable_existing_loggers': True,
'formatters': self.formatters,
'handlers': self.handlers,
'loggers': self.loggers,
'loggers': loggers,
def get_logger_file(self, name, level: str = None):
......@@ -133,7 +128,9 @@ class Logging:
def get_handler_console(self, level: str = None):
level = level or self.console_log_level
return {
'level': level, 'class': 'logging.StreamHandler', 'formatter': 'colored_console'
'level': level,
'class': 'logging.StreamHandler',
'formatter': 'colored_console'
def load_config(self):
......@@ -142,6 +139,12 @@ class Logging:
def reenable_loggers(self):
loggers = [logging.getLogger(name) for name in logging.root.manager.loggerDict]
for logger in loggers:
logger.disabled = False
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ from pathlib import Path
from git import Repo
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
log.disabled = False
def git_clone(entity, **kwargs):
......@@ -74,7 +75,7 @@ class GitWrapper:
""""[GIT] Cloning from: {self.config.url} -> {self.entity.workspace}")"[GIT] Cloning from {self.config.url} -> {self.entity.workspace}")
params = dict(
......@@ -84,7 +85,7 @@ class GitWrapper:
if self._custom_ssh_key:
params['env'] = dict(GIT_SSH_COMMAND=self._create_ssh_command())
log.debug(f"[GIT] Clone: {params}")
cloned_repo = Repo.clone_from(**params)
self._repo = cloned_repo
......@@ -100,4 +101,7 @@ class GitWrapper:
def _create_ssh_command(self):
ssh_key_path = str(Path(self._custom_ssh_key).absolute())
return f"ssh -i {ssh_key_path}"
log.debug(f"[GIT] Using custom ssh key: {ssh_key_path}")
ssh_cmd = f"ssh -i {ssh_key_path}"
log.debug(f"[GIT] Using custom ssh command: {ssh_cmd}")
return ssh_cmd
from portal.logger import Logging
import os
import pytest
......@@ -64,9 +64,6 @@ def test_list_all_avail_for_user_as_teacher(rest_service, client, teacher1_crede
assert_response(response, 200)
resp_submissions = rest_tools.extract_data(response)
for sub in resp_submissions:
subm = rest_service.find.submission(sub['id'])
print([role.log_name for role in rest_service.find.user('teacher1').roles])
assert len(resp_submissions) == 5
......@@ -293,9 +293,7 @@ def test_user_reviews(client):
user_reviews = rest_tools.extract_data(response)
assert len(user_reviews) == len(reviews)
# the test is incomplete - only print
print(f"user_reviews: {user_reviews}")
def test_user_projects(client):
user = User.query.filter_by(username="student2").first()
import logging.config
import logging
import os
from pathlib import Path
import pytest
from portal import create_app
from import Storage
TESTS_PATH = Path(__file__).parent
def app():
os.environ["PORTAL_CONFIG_TYPE"] = 'test'
_app = create_app(environment='test')
with _app.app_context():
yield _app
def log():
return logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -35,7 +45,8 @@ def results_dir(tmpdir):
def storage_instance(test_files_dir, workspace_dir, submissions_dir, results_dir) -> Storage:
def storage_instance(app, test_files_dir, workspace_dir,
submissions_dir, results_dir) -> Storage:
return Storage(test_files_dir=test_files_dir,
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ def uploaded_entity(submission, workspace, git_config):
def subm_proc(uploaded_entity):
def subm_proc(uploaded_entity, app):
return GitWrapper(uploaded_entity)
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