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ddd conversion script for qdefx question files

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#!/usr/bin/env bash
[ $1 ] || {
cat <<EOF | sed 's/^ //' >&2
Converts qdefx question files from IS MU to the new format. Input files must be
in the second-generation format (the type of external evaluator is f; used 2018
and 2019).
Files are modified in-place.
usage: $0 QDEFX_FILES
exit 1
for i in "$@"; do
# first regex replaces definition inside the ebmedded old QDEF format,
# which is not really used, but should be kept in sync
# the second one prelaces the proper definition in the new format
sed -i -e 's/^:\(e[^=]*\)="f:/:\1="d:?/' \
-e 's|\(<check><type>external</type><service>\)f\(</service><correct><!\[CDATA\[\)|\1d\2?|' \
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