Fithesis API:

  • Add the bibliography extra field to mu
  • Make iso-numeric the default bibliography style for mu/phil


  • Always leave space for gutter in mu/med, and mu/econ
  • Always put \thesis@advisor on the title page for mu/phil
  • Hide links in the printed version
  • Fix \thesis@lower and \thesis@upper on TeX Live >= 2018
  • \thesis@blocks@bibEntry of mu/econ now accomodates multiline texts


  • Fix a Slovak locale string not being declared for mu/phil
  • Add non-breaking spaces to Czech locale files (by @horacekj)
  • Use gender in the authorSignature Czech and Slovak locale strings
  • Fix a typo in \thesis@slovak@declaration

Example documents:

  • Add breaklines = true to the example documents' \lstset
  • Make example documents less prone to spaces at start of abstract, acknowledgement
  • Load packages associated with the tables class option in examples by default
  • Add assignment to the FI MU example
  • Add an example of the color option to the example documents


  • Update formal requirements for mu/fi, mu/sci, mu/ped, mu/fss, mu/law, and mu/fsps
  • Update URL of thesis template for mu/phil and mu/econ