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Necessary OverLeaf changes

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MDS=$(wildcard *.md)
all : $(PDFS)
%.pdf : $(TEXDEPS) $(TEMPLATE)
env TEXINPUTS=..:.: pandoc --template=$(TEMPLATE) $< -o $@
colorprofile: color # 'color' or 'bw'
reporttype: reader # 'reader' or 'supervisor' or 'inter-reader'
thesistype: bc # 'bc' or 'mgr' or 'phd'
thesisname: The Great Thesis
student: John Doe
supervisor: Mgr. Richard Roe, Ph.D. # comment to hide
consultant: Ing. Maggie Lane # comment to hide
reader: RNDr. John Smith # comment to hide
inter-reader: RNDr.\ Mary Poppins, Ph.D. # comment to hide
#signature: John Smith # uncomment for custom signature
#date: 1\. 4. 2020 # uncomment for custom date
# Note: Escaping the the first '.' via '\.' is necessary, otherwise pandoc
# gets confused and assumes this is an enumerated list.
- \usepackage{lipsum}
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