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colorprofile: color # 'color' or 'bw'
language: czech # 'czech' or 'english'
reporttype: reader # 'reader' or 'supervisor' or 'inter-reader'
thesistype: bc # 'bc' or 'mgr' or 'phd'
thesisname: The Great Thesis
% OPTIONAL: class options
% - bw: use black & white logo and link colors
% - english: use english for the report
% e.g. \documentclass[12pt, english, bw]
% MANDATORY: Choose color or black-and-white version
\setColorProfile{color} % 'color' or 'bw'
% DEPRECATED: Choose color or black-and-white version
% (use bw documentclass option for black & white design
% \setColorProfile{color} % 'color' or 'bw'
% MANDATORY: Set report & thesis types, student and thesis names.
\setReportType{reader} % 'reader' or 'supervisor' or 'inter-reader'
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