Commit 3e218d74 authored by Martin Ukrop's avatar Martin Ukrop
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Possibility for black-and-white version.

* Color profile setting (color/bw) added.
* Polising of Tikz code.
* Handles issue #5.
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......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@
% Define name strings and setting commands
......@@ -58,11 +60,15 @@ práce}
% Document header (logo + table with names)
\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
\node[] (A) at (current page.north west) {};
\node[anchor=north west](FI-stitok) [below right=-3mm and 11.5mm of A] {\includegraphics{fi-stitok}};
\node[] (TopLeft) at (current page.north west) {};
\node[anchor=north west](FI-logo) [below right=-3mm and 11.5mm of TopLeft] {%
\node[] (B) at (current page.north east) {};
\node[below left=14.3mm and 27mm of B](posudek){{\large \textsc{\@titleFirst}}};
\node[] (TopRight) at (current page.north east) {};
\node[below left=14.3mm and 27mm of TopRight](posudek){{\large \textsc{\@titleFirst}}};
\node[below=4.9mm of posudek.east,anchor=east]{{\large \textsc{\@titleSecond}}};
......@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@
% MANDATORY: Choose color or black-and-white version
\setColorProfile{color} % 'color' or 'bw'
% MANDATORY: Set report & thesis types, student and thesis names.
\setReportType{reader} % 'reader' or 'supervisor'
\setThesisType{bc} % 'bc' or 'mgr'
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