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Merge Overleaf project with GitLab project to allow Overleaf template update
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This work is a colaborative effort in the spirit of Open culture.
The thanks belong to all contributors listed below.
Martin Ukrop
Martin Jonáš
Henrich Lauko
Petr Sojka
Vladimír Štill
Nikola Beneš
Jiří Barnat
Vojtěch Řehák
% OPTIONAL: class options
% - bw: use black & white logo and link colors
% - english: use english for the report
% e.g. \documentclass[12pt, english, bw]
% DEPRECATED: Choose color or black-and-white version
% (use bw documentclass option for black & white design)
% \setColorProfile{color} % 'color' or 'bw'
% MANDATORY: Set report & thesis types, student and thesis names.
\setReportType{reader} % 'reader' or 'supervisor' or 'inter-reader'
\setThesisType{bc} % 'bc' or 'mgr' or 'phd'
\setThesisName{The Great Thesis} % can be multiline, just add '\newline'
\setStudent{John Doe}
% SELECTIVE: Set supervisor/consultant/reader names.
% Those not set will not be displayed
\setSupervisor{Mgr.\ Richard Roe, Ph.D.}
%\setConsultant{Ing.\ Maggie Lane}
\setReader{RNDr.\ John Smith}
%\setInterReader{RNDr.\ Mary Poppins, Ph.D.}
% OPTIONAL: Choose a custom signature (e.g. without tiles).
% If signature is not set, supervisor/reader name is taken.
\setSignature{John Smith}
% OPTIONAL: Set the date using \date{...}.
% If the date is not set, uses \today.
% \date{1. ledna 2017}
% Thesis report begin
S přihlédnutím k celkovému dosaženému výsledku navrhuji hodnotit práci známkou velmi dobře (B).
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