Commit 91826d00 authored by Ondřej Pavlica's avatar Ondřej Pavlica
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Fix order service test mock

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......@@ -49,10 +49,10 @@ public class OrderServiceTests extends PersistenceServiceTestBase<OrderDto, Orde
void testGetWithBottle() {
getPersistenceService(); // Force lazy load
var dao = getMockedDao();
Mockito.when(dao.get(1, false)).thenReturn(getTestEntity());
var dto = orderService.get(1, true);
assertThat(equals(dto, getTestEntity())).isTrue();
Mockito.verify(dao, Mockito.times(1)).get(1);
Mockito.verify(dao, Mockito.times(1)).get(1, false);
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