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    • David Kouril's avatar
      Temporary fix: sometimes pass for certain id gives result for another · 121191b8
      David Kouril authored
      In the end there would be two labels created for one selection ID...probably there's some issue with default value in the GPU implementation
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    • David Kouril's avatar
    • David Kouril's avatar
      MaxDT on GPU works · 3bdc4fb9
      David Kouril authored
      1D version: all shader changes?
      Milestone: working GPU version of max distance
      key was simplifying to 1D access and directly getting UVs from ID buffer
      Delete debug memory copying
      already a significant speedup
      small code clean up
      Use devicePixelRatio in determining final label position
      unify, remove code duplicity
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Cleaned up CPU implementation · 7804ba76
      David Kouril authored
      It looks like there's not really a way to optimize this implementation and it will just stay as a reference
    • David Kouril's avatar
      MaxDT: atomics approach giving some results · c19d04de
      David Kouril authored
      WIP: continued work on GPU version of max distance part
      WIP: no webgpu errors
      WIP: trying to get to correct results
      WIP: cleaning up trying to figure out stuff
      MaxDT: attempt using atomics
      speed looks pretty fine, but there seem to be still racing conditions: getting very jittery results
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Fix 'off by one' error when writing selections to ID buffer · 69018a51
      David Kouril authored
      I believe this anyway will be reverted because adding "fake" data points is a stupid thing to do...
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Labels for selections working now · f5f5fcb7
      David Kouril authored
      semi-transparent colored bg boxes
      Making labeling optional (and disabled by default)
      Don't show debug viewport by default on startup
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Ouputing selectionId to ID buffer · e3ad3b93
      David Kouril authored
      In order to be able to output it to the ID attachment in G buffer and use it for label placement
      WIP: interfacing selections from ChromatinViewport to LabelLayoutGener.
      WIP: im just confused
      Redo interfacing layout generator with current selections
      Prepared for final version, for now it doesn't work only because I'm not getting the right IDs in the ID attachment of g buffer
      Computing selection ID information for bins and sending to gpu write
      Doesn't work at this point (still getting zeroed out buffer values in shader)
      Guess I figured out the problem
    • David Kouril's avatar
      CPU implementation of max distance · ff513a8b
      David Kouril authored
      WIP: refactoring big ass code file
      Delete removed code
      nother small refactor
      WIP: figuring out coordinate conversions
      comment out some debug outputting
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Add indication for label anchor · 9f29327d
      David Kouril authored
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Toggle showing debug viewport overlay · 626f8bf2
      David Kouril authored
      There's still a bug where the behaviour randomly switches for some reason
    • David Kouril's avatar
      distance transform step shader mostly ported · 5ba95a51
      David Kouril authored
      starting DT cpu side
      WIP: DT step compiles
      Global Blit function (WIP)
      Ideally I'd like to unify it so that you don't have to have different versions for regular/float textures and different formats...
      Distance Transform seems to be somewhat working...
      The issues was in initial contour seed value.
      It also seems that there is some scaling problem
      Found the bug in DT
      Small cleanup
      WIP: getting label placement using maximum distance from contour seed
      WIP: whole labeling process somehow works
      but is extremely unstable plus i had to do some magic constants to get the position to match
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Contours shader · ca34cc3f
      David Kouril authored
      Another canvas overlaid for labeling debug views
      Was having trouble with events not going through the top canvas, pointerEvents: none seems to work
      WIP: setting up the debug viewport/canvas for debug blitting
      WIP: sets up and clear the second canvas
      WIP: Bliting texture seems to work
      WIP: adding reference to labeling generator (to access debug textures)
      dispatch -> dispatchWorkgroups
      WIP: contours compute pass not working yet
      switch back to showing contours buffer
      Thanks for Matus, contour pass finally computes
      Uncommenting shader code and stuff
      WIP: adding ID texture to G buffer
      thought I'd only do it for spheres and rounded cones but it produces invalid pipelines right now
      Set up selection ID attachment in G buffer rendering
      Matus saved the day once  :-)
      WIP: refactoring labeling layout / debug viewport setup
      WIP: restructured, outlines showing in debug viewport again
      Moved webgpu objects to common graphics library places
      Contours: output UVs for distance transform seed
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Pipeline for contours pass seems to be prepared · d482d26f
      David Kouril authored
      still not working but I have all the webgpu structures in place
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Interface for getting width/height from viewport · efd9c41c
      David Kouril authored
      WIP: interfacing labeling algs with component/graphics lib
    • David Kouril's avatar
      Create new component for in-scene labels · 5ae515d7
      David Kouril authored
      Testing with SVG overlaid over the canvas for now
      Playing around with labels in SVG over canvas
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