Commit 7e5701eb authored by Vít Novotný's avatar Vít Novotný
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Add `*-ORG` and `*-MISC` to `AggregateMeanFScore.GROUPS`

parent 63feb75b
......@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ FScore = float
class AggregateMeanFScore(TokenClassificationEvaluator):
GROUPS: GroupMap = {
'PER': ('B-PER', 'I-PER'),
'LOC': ('B-LOC', 'I-LOC'),
'O': ('O', ),
'PER': ('B-PER', 'I-PER', 'B-ORG', 'I-ORG'),
'LOC': ('B-LOC', 'I-LOC', 'B-ORG', 'I-ORG'),
'O': ('O', 'B-MISC', 'I-MISC'),
def __init__(self, category_map: CategoryMap, group_name: Optional[GroupName],
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