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- Add date change example.
- Increase version.
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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
% Released to public domain.
% Feel free to contribute or add bug reports in the form of issues
% in the project's repository at
\ProvidesClass{fi-thesis-report}[2016/06/10 v1.1 FI thesis report template]
\ProvidesClass{fi-thesis-report}[2017/06/09 v1.2 FI thesis report template]
% Based on 'article'
......@@ -24,12 +24,14 @@
% OPTIONAL: Set the date using \date{...}.
% If the date is not set, uses \today.
% \date{1. ledna 2017}
% Thesis report begin
S přihlédnutím k celkovému dosaženému výsledku navrhuji hodnotit práci známkou velmi dobře (B).
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